Between the Keys and more….

It’s all my fault. I allowed this blog to slide for the past four months. But now I’ll put things right.

The big news is that The Classical Network invited me to be their first Artist-in-Residence, and the host of a new weekly keyboard show, Between the Keys. This is a lifelong dream come true; I’ve always wanted to host my own radio show! Furthermore, I’m honored to be associated with a network whose diverse array of hosts and wide ranging programs truly create a vivid and illuminating forum for the classical music world.

Many luminaries from the keyboard world will stop by and visit for a conversation, and maybe even an impromptu performance. We’ve had quite a few shows with special themes, such as a tribute to Terry Riley who just turned 80, the wild world of contemporary harpsichord works, my musical mentors, and a RIchard Wagner piano party. I look forward to hosting two fantastic Italian pianist friends and colleagues Emanuele Arciuli and Carlo Grante when they play in New York this fall, and a centenary salute to a pianist who remains totally unclassifiable – the legendary Cy Walter. He was not quite jazz, not quite cocktail, not quite classical, but quite, quite wonderful!

You can listen to Between the Keys each Tuesday night at 10 with a rebroadcast each Wednesday afternoon at 1 live by clicking on

And to get archived webcasts of past shows whenever you want to listen, go here:

I’d love your feedback, comments and suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Between the Keys and more….

  1. Connie Martin says:

    My name is Connie Martin, and I am the Great Niece of Stanley Lock.
    His sister Ruth, is my Mothers Mother.
    Growing up in Berkley, MI. A small little suburb of Detroit, Uncle Stanley was ALWAYS a welcomed guest! In fact, I remember always asking my Grandma, “When is Uncle Stanley coming?”
    He usually ALWAYS stayed at Grandma’s, and I was sure to ALWAYS stay at Grandma’s too!
    I have SO MANY fond memories, way too many to get into, but somehow, Uncle Stanley and I were always “buddies” Of course, I knew better than to speak with him UNTIL he had had his morning coffee out on the “veranda.” Haha I LOVED THAT HE CALLED THE FRONT PORCH A VERANDA! I still call MY front porch the SAME THING!
    I recently came across your blog about my Uncle. As it seems I am ALWAYS searching for information about him.
    My son is a film student at Wayne State University and I have said for YEARS, SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE to recognize Uncle Stanley’s GREATNESS!
    I know he was well known in N.Y. Especially around Sarah Lawrence. I HOPE one day soon, possibly my son? Could make some sort of Documentary about him.
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story about the GREAT man that was MY UNCLE STANLEY!!!


    • Dear Connie, Thank you so much for writing me. Stanley was quite special to generations of Sarah Lawrence alumni and faculty members. Even though he could be easygoing on the surface, he was gently demanding to me as a teacher, and I learned so much about music and human relations from him. So much of what he taught me about the piano continues to resonate when I’m preparing for and performing concerts. – Yours, Jed


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